Friday, August 8, 2014

The Message

Proud to announce the publication of my eBook The Message by Solstice Literary Magazine!

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Eugenio Volpe’s first eBook, The Message, is a potent meditation on violence that focuses on Afghanistan soldier Adam Zane's internal unraveling. Returning home to what he sees as the nothingness of Hartford, CT, Zane divides his time between shooting hoops at the local basketball court and camouflaging the self-loathing that now occupies his inner landscape. If someone would shut down the winning streak of hometown traitor and pro basketball superstar Elijah Adams, aka The Message . . . If Zane can find the real trigger of his mounting anxiety and imagined physical descent . . . If his alcoholic mother can stay away from meth and her meth-head boyfriend . . . If he can find the Persian words to label ordinary things with exotic new names . . . If the ifs would stand at ease long enough for him to see what it means to be a man, Zane might find reprieve from the rapidly expanding emptiness. The Message is a pin-pulled grenade clutched in the hands of readers.

What a talent Eugenio Volpe is! One of the freshest new voices around, I always look forward to reading his work!”
—Ann Hood, best-selling author of The Obituary Writer and The Red Thread

“Volpe's The Message is an unforgiving update of Hemingway's 'A Solider's Home,' reminding us with razor-sharp prose and breakneck pacing that home for many young warriors is just as fraught and wounding as those faraway battlefields."
—Ken Calhoun, author of Black Moon

Whether describing the nightmarish Hell of battlefield bombs or the everyday Hell of bombed-out Hartford, Volpe writes with an electric eye for our plugged-in tuned-out times. Like all of us, Volpe's beleaguered ‘loser’ hero has to do ‘Nothing but live with everything.’ Volpe takes us deep into the everything and the nothing of this life 'in pieces.’ Like a macho Don Delillo, Volpe punches through the white-noise of grim reality into a bigger-than-life no-comfort zone beyond his hero's—and our own—‘wildest dreams.’”
—Elizabeth Searle, author of four books and Tonya & Nancy: the Rock Opera

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