Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eluceat Omnibus Lux

What do Borges, Dante, Mike Tyson, Ezra Pound, Lorin Stein, and deli meats have in common? They're all masturbatory fodder for my creative process. I pretty much pull my pants down and reveal all in this enjoy!


  1. 7 Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly. Once you start spelling words in dialogue phonetically and loading the page with apos­trophes, you won't be able to stop.

    Ebonics. Too much in your story, meng.

    I liked the allusions, you mack-daddy Brad Pitt soul-surfing wish you could be Dane Reynolds wanna-be.

  2. Yo, Lorin, that be you? Gots to disagree with you on that.
    I think I did a somewhat decent job balancing. It's not like the pages are "loaded" with it as you and Elmore Leonard say. Glad you liked the allusions at least. Thanks for reading.

  3. "We were at a family barbecue celebrating my cousin’s high school graduation (public school)."


    how you gona act like u didnt jack my hugh kenner reference tho br0? its cool just cite dat chit:

    Wilding, I.B. "Rant on website." 11 Feb 2012

    yo my g...u like.....write madd good yo, u feelz da kid, ite then im out gota practice popups for tmrmw ite duke 1