Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Low Lives

Proud to have a short story in the newest issue of Superstition Review. The working title of the story had been "Tears of Heaven Minus Eric Clapton's Son." That pretty much says it all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

RIP Surfer X

This was posted in the Boston Globe last week...
"SurfSET Fitness is a new company that allows people to work out like surfers. CEO and founder Mike Hartwick developed the Rip Surfer X - a one-person machine that can be part of gym workouts - as a way to exercise while he was away from the waves.

The company is rolling out demonstrations ahead of what it hopes will be a distribution of machines and programs to gyms throughout the country.

The first classes were held at the Boston Athletic Club in South Boston this weekend.
I realize surfing is pretty much the best thing anyone could ever do with their life, but don't bother with these gimmicky simulations. Either paddle out and do the real thing or stick to your Elliptical. Mike Hartwick must be a kook if he thinks Rip Surfer X can replicate the aerobic benefits of a surf session. It can't for the very simple reality that the overwhelming majority of your surfing "workout" occurs while paddling and pushing against your board (ducking-diving and hopping to your feet). The actual riding of the wave provides the least amount of energy. Why not call this hunk of shit Rip Snowboarder X? It seems like a more fitting description, plus, any fat ass who can mount a ski lift can relatively rip on one of those. But nobody wants to be a snowboarder. They want to be surfers and thank god the real thing is too hard (and too cold in New England) to master. Otherwise my local surf breaks would have all the neon of a ski resort.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

San Francisco Free Session

Depending on how you like your surf entertainment served, Julian Wilson is giving Dane Reynolds a run for his magic markers in regards to the best blog on the ASP. These days, Dane barely updates his Marine Layer site and when he does, you're not always getting "marine" themed content. Julian doesn't offer hipster doodles on his site, but he does offer a lot of this kind of thing...

San Francisco Doesn't Suck. from Blake Kueny on Vimeo.

...which in my opinion is much better.