Monday, September 5, 2011

Quiksilver Pro-New York

This Thursday I'll be heading down to NYC to cover the Quiksilver Pro for NESURF.COM. The event is being held in Long Beach and swells from Hurricane Katia are already en route. I have mixed feelings about the ASP allowing Quiksilver to throw a bunch of money (in the pro-surfing cents)at this particular contest for the sake of broadening the surf market. New York is the cultural center of the U.S. and arguably the world. Will the city's hipsters, poets, artists, stock brokers, models, athletes, sidewalk prophets, guidos, gangsters, dirt bags, junkies, drag queens, and fuckheads care to wear the new Jets NFL 22" boardshorts? I hope not. New York (Long Island) already has a surf scene and we know Quiksilver isn't hosting this event so the locals can watch pros rip their home break. The contest is intended for the other 8 million plus people who live in the city and the millions more who live around it. If something doesn't happen in New York it doesn't actually happen at all. NYC is the phenomenological standpoint of our mass media reality. Fuck L.A. Surfing on the continental U.S. grew up there (Malibu) and look at what Hollywood has done to surf image/culture. The country revolves around New York and surfing doesn't exist for New Yorkers. It doesn't exist for the Mid West either, but everything that everybody ever sees or reads somehow had its inception/conception (most likely) in New York City. The ASP and Quiksilver are hoping to get on the conceptual grid and I for the sake of traffic at my local breaks, hope the mainstream media ignores the contest as much as possible.

Starting Thursday, I'll be blogging and tweeting about the contest on a daily basis with pics and video from the event. Stay tuned or else you might relapse into ontological uncertainty.

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