Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Josh Kerr-azy

Trash Can- Left over Bali clips from the Kerrazy Kronicles from KerrAzy Productions on Vimeo.

I am guessing these clips didn't make it into the film due to the less than stellar wave quality (any of them would be near-perfect days here in New England), but Josh Kerr's explosive speedy aerial assault is as near perfect as I've ever seen. Probably the best aerialist today. He's better than Dane in this particular category and Timmy Curran, who still despite his age, lands some of the highest airs with the most consistency. What separates Kerr from one-trick pony aerialists like Ozzie Wright is that he's sure-footed/leg-strong. Check out the man-hack at 1:00! Also, it takes power to muscle a huge air-reverse on a waist high wave (1:50) and try wrapping your head around the turn at 1:58.

Other notes of interest...
Check out the recovery at .50 seconds.
The flow air at 1:15 followed by another almost 360 air.
The Dane-esque power reverse at 2:38
The retro groovy power turn at 3:40 on his fish.

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