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Boston's Literary Death Match, Episode 5

Just want to thank Todd Zuniga, editor of Opium Magazine and creator of Literary Death Match for a great evening of readings in Boston. I had the honor of reading in this year's Boston Literary Death Match, Episode 5 with some well-known Boston-area authors (Christopher Monks, Heidi Pitlor, Myfanwy Collins). Somehow I came out on top. Thank you also to co-host Kirsten Sims and my MFA mentor Elizabeth Searle, and Episode 4 winner, for suggesting my name to Todd.

I highly recommend that everyone attend the next one. Todd's definitely adding life to the literary scene nationwide.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twilight Fans Await Pattinson's Performing of Rectal Exam Scene in DeLillo's Cosmopolis

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been selected by director David Cronenberg to star in his upcoming film adaption of Don DeLillo’s semi-recent novel Cosmopolis. DeLillo disciples (like me) can only hope that Pattinson’s portrayal of existential assets manager Eric Packer might turn Twilight readers (20 million and counting) onto the literary genius of America’s premiere novelist (sorry Pynchon, McCarthy, and Roth, but it’s true).

Cosmopolis might not be DeLillo’s best work, but I would argue that it rivals if not bests anything else published in 2003, which includes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Da Vinci Code and titles by Amis, Atwood, Coetzee, Lethem, and Palahniuk, not to mention Pulitzer Prize winning Middlesex by Eugenides.

Either way, Cosmopolis will surely experience a spike in sales but will its sparse, poetic style and relatively heady thematic explorations prove too much for those prone to blood and brain cell-sucking vapidity? Will some Twilight readers convert to quality literature? Will Pattinson have an Oprah-effect on DeLillo’s career? Would that lead to Oprah selecting Cosmopolis for her book club and might we consequently see DeLillo sitting on Oprah’s couch? Nah.

I visited a few Pattinson/Twilight fan sites and here’s a sampling of early reactions to Cosmopolis. Not surprising, most of them are looking forward to Pattinson's performance of the rectal exam scene. Is this the kind of public/media attention that forced another DeLillo protagonist, celebrated author Bill Gray, into maniacal reclusion?

Hmm... ive never heard of that book but I hope it's better than it sounds.

I’m probably in the minority, but I’m halfway through reading my free copy from Google books but the book is a bit boring and the love scenes are not sensual. It’s almost robotic. I do hope the filmmakers can make it more exciting. So far DeLillo has not made me care about any of the characters.

The book is too expensive for my Nook. $10.00

I like Rob but I’m not thrilled with this choice. I’ve read Cosmopolis and it wasn’t very good. Here’s hoping that Cronenberg can make a lousy book turn into a better movie.

I’m a tad confused reading this book. Some of the words that the author puts together don’t even seem to go together. My brain was aching when I was finished with part 1…and ya, I had to go back and re-read some parts just to make sure I fully understood what I was reading…even then I’m not sure I did…LOL.

Yeah, I am reading it and having a hard time with it too. Eric definitely seems like an asshole. The book kind of reminds me of the book, “Up in the Air” in a way. Jerk in an airplane, jerk in a limo. I did end up liking the movie version of “Up in the Air” though, so hopefully “Cosmopolis” will be the same- plus, Rob’s in it so it can’t be all bad. Actually, I’m sure he be great in it. The rectal exam/orgasm was disturbing. And Eric does that(the exam) every day?! And what’s up with the wife? I hope the book gets better.

Struggling? hell to the yeah! this is the weirdest thing i’ve ever read and i’ve read Ballad of the Sad Cafe (i thought that was weird). boy was i ever wrong. not only i find eric strange but he seems to be a hypochondriac. seriously, he has a doctor’s exam just about everyday. either that or he likes a finger up his ass while a woman watches. i’m not sure if eric is an asshole. i think he is bipolar or paraniod at best, but clearly he does have some problem (lack of sleep, an obsession with birds). the inner monologue is getting on my nerve. on a personal note, i have to say that ff has definitely ruined me for real books.hahaha i was hoping for a little more sex for the sexy times, but just like a man. wham bam thank ya mam and it was over. the whole bottle fucking thing, i did not get. all around weird.
yeah, i have read and re-read this first chapter and i am still confused, except, yes, he does want a haircut. that is all i can glean from this. still trying. and yes, i can totally picture Rob in this part. ever see the look he gives the paps when he’s had enough. could totally be prick-worthy.

Yep, I’m reading it. Yep, it is def … uhhh, weird. :/ I can see Rob playing Eric, but I just wonder how well this material will translate to film. However, I really. really want to hear Rob say the *cough* “bottle” line. ;P

It’s definitely a very strange read. Sometimes it’s fairly straightforward, and then it goes off on a stream of consciousness tangent. The dialogue sounds very stilted too, which I guess is intentional. I don’t think Eric is an asshole or a prick. I think he’s jaded and maybe a bit drunk on the power he has. He watches scenes of violence with boredom and even enjoyment, and doesn’t seem worried about the possibility of losing loads of money. I think this is a great role for Rob to take, for all the reasons you said.This is no romantic hero role, that’s for sure. I have to admit, I found the prostate exam oddly hot, and no, I don’t think we’ll see Rob getting a full-on rectal exam. Maybe just a bit of tush . As I read I keep picturing Rob in various scenes and I can so see him pulling this off. I can’t wait to see it.
I’ve finished reading the entire book. Upon reading the last line, I closed it and asked myself “what the fuck did I just read?”. I found the book very confusing and the writing style to be a little strange. BUT I think it has good bones to make a really stellar movie.

Thank God I’m not the only one confused and lost when I’m reading this. I have it on PDF on my eReaders and I worried there was an error in the download. I at least go everything that was mentioned in the summary so that’s good. I’m dreading the next part cause I started it today and I’m totally lost. Really hope they cut the rectal exam but (no pun intended) they can leave in the sex. I’m all for naked Rob.

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Doppelganger #1 DeLillo-Travanti

Underworld meets Hill Street Blues.

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You Betcha?

Josh Kerr-azy

Trash Can- Left over Bali clips from the Kerrazy Kronicles from KerrAzy Productions on Vimeo.

I am guessing these clips didn't make it into the film due to the less than stellar wave quality (any of them would be near-perfect days here in New England), but Josh Kerr's explosive speedy aerial assault is as near perfect as I've ever seen. Probably the best aerialist today. He's better than Dane in this particular category and Timmy Curran, who still despite his age, lands some of the highest airs with the most consistency. What separates Kerr from one-trick pony aerialists like Ozzie Wright is that he's sure-footed/leg-strong. Check out the man-hack at 1:00! Also, it takes power to muscle a huge air-reverse on a waist high wave (1:50) and try wrapping your head around the turn at 1:58.

Other notes of interest...
Check out the recovery at .50 seconds.
The flow air at 1:15 followed by another almost 360 air.
The Dane-esque power reverse at 2:38
The retro groovy power turn at 3:40 on his fish.

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Dan Malloy & Dane Reynolds Board Swap | The Surfer's Journal

Okay, so I'm on one of my Dane Reynolds kicks this week. Watching him and Dan Malloy rip small, New England-like waves on shitty/experimental boards is inspiring and humbling. Good song by Little Wings.

Dan Malloy & Dane Reynolds Board Swap | The Surfer's Journal