Monday, January 25, 2010

sunny-slow in Sea minor

Trying to make gutless surf look pleasant. At least the sun was out.

Rated G for general gayness (in the happy sense of the word).


  1. Hi Me Being: I had some technical difficulty making the surf move here (but maybe that's the point?); nevertheless, I enjoyed a Zen moment of peace contemplating the rocks and water and as you say, at least a glint of sun.

    Not a bad beach day for late-Jan.; but didn't you have a book club or something you were 'supposed to be' attending?

    (Actually I was a Satanic Sludge too and bailed on the latest book--)

    Thanks for reminding me of surf instead of slush!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Did you have some trouble uploading?

    I had some family stuff last night and missed our Rushdie discussion. You going to the Post Road event tonight?

    Thanks for watching.

  3. That video was really nicely edited. It made me feel good. I thought about sexual intercourse with that little muscular dog. Then told myself to stop being ridiculous.

  4. team drater f'ing rules!!!!!!!!

  5. like a smooth black neoprene criminal.

  6. First!!!

    Your pAL

    Lester Burnham