Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mona Lisa Penis

Mona Lisa has been making the news as of late. Some Italian scientists want to exhume Leonardo da Vinci so they can answer questions surrounding that iconic face. Is it a self-portrait of Leonardo himself? Was she a prostitute? Was she pregnant? Did she have high cholesterol? Why doesn't she have any eyebrows? Did she lose them after passing out at a frat toga party? What about her smile? Is it innocent or slutty? Whatever the answer, she has certainly made a lot of money for a lot of nerdy art dealers, curators, and enthusiasts. We Being Brand wants to cash in on her enigmatic iconography and have decided to do so by offering our followers this amazing tee shirt. We've only printed 50 of them. For $25 (shipping included) this pretty little thang can be yours. From across the room, friends and family members will think you're walking around with a picture of a man's package on your shirt. When they get up close, they'll realize it's just an upside down image of Mona Lisa herself. Act now! Supplies won't last! Email me for more information at


  1. Just drop me an email at with your address and tee size.

  2. EEEEEK! I love it. I hate it. I can't stop looking at it!! Too funny. I'll have to tell select art students about this. Ha!

  3. Do we get a certificate of authenticity with the hats?

    Your pAL

    Lester Burnham